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Shopfront Websites

Elegant one page websites - help customers recognise, find and contact you.


Have a closer look at Moor House.

Shopfront websites are small, fast, responsive (adapts to all screen sizes) sites for small businesses that immediately give your visitors all the information they need to find you, contact you and discover what you do. The designs are simple yet eye catching. There is a bespoke image of your shop, holiday home, premises or product which is a combination of photograph and hand drawing.

With a shopfront website, when you click on each item on the menu a small page pops up. These can contain descriptions, links, pricing tables, google maps, contact forms, photo galleries, etc. Whatever you may need.

Shopfront websites are designed to make the process of getting online or updating your site as straightforward as possible. If you need a fantastic website quickly I can help you.

To find out more visit the shopfronts website.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 13.46.50

FireShot Screen Capture #005 - 'Corbridge Cottage' - corbridgecottage_co_uk

The perfect way to advertse your holiday cottage. Visit the site Corbridge Cottage.

FireShot Screen Capture #021 - 'Shiatsu_Shed - shiatsu, massage, reflexology,Pontagarreg, West Wales, Isabelle Reis' - shiatsu-shed_wales

Use this type of site to introduce yourself and your business. Have a look at the Shiatsu Shed.

for individuals and small companies.


These have slowly evolved over the years. I hope that they all have a slightly 'homemade' feel. Each one being as different as the client is. They have been made using, variously, WordPress, templates and handwritten html/css.

Computer Fitness

This is three years old and it hasn't dated.


A striking WordPress site.

osiris capital

Business site with interactive graphs.

beside design

An architect's one page site.

Veronica Cecil

A sweet handmade site for a writer.

Wimbledon Dolphins

A local swimming club

East Duwich Counselling

A website for a counsellor.

Sue Saville

Sue Saville - Broadcast & Medical Journalist

Thanks for looking.


I have been making websites for the last 6 years. I am self taught, having learnt most of what I know from the generosity of knowledge on the internet. Being a maker rather than a programmer, I specialise in creating unique designs for each client whilst at the same time ensuring that their websites work perfectly on all screen sizes and browsers as well as being clear and easy to use.
I live with my daughter in London where I was born.


“Take a look at my website. Emma built it for me and it looks great and works well. She did a brilliant job. Roger Whiteman;

“A well-structured and elegantly designed site: Emma Gallagher proved to be a friendly and hard-working partner in providing us with all manner of web solutions. Ian Nouvel;

“The website looks great. It is simple, but rewards you if you explore. Perfect.Veronica Cecil;

“I needed a website designed and the DIY sites just didn’t look good enough. Emma Gallagher was brilliant. She was quick, local and produced a great website with a logo. Perfect for small business, family sites, holiday homes etc. Sylvie Garvey;